Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Den Arsch mit Ohren: schmackhafter als Möhren

"Hans Riegel, Marketer of Gummi Bears, Dies at 90." Eddy, Melissa. N.Y. Times. October 15, 2013.

"Haribo: the confessions of a confectionery addict." Olterman, Philip. The Guardian. October 16, 2013.

RIP Hans Riegel!

The Guardian's piece has this: "Riegel's one-off gum for the 2006 carnival season, the "arse with ears", may remain a collector's item only."

In fact it makes more sense than at first glance: idiomatically Arsch mit Ohren means a butthead, an idiot. Trophies have even been made of asses with ears, I suppose for people who are or who have done something monumentally, perhaps obscenely, stupid. UAlbany might consider changing Minerva to the Arsch mit Ohren - it would be fundamentally more honest.

Den Arsch mit Ohren:

schmackhafter als Möhren

herabgesandt Ihre Zuleitungsrohren

in den Mund mit Gießtiegel

fremde Erfindung von Hans Riegel

Er verdient eine Medaillenspiegel

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