Sunday, October 6, 2013

"The Unknown Grave" by Rev. Joseph C. Booth (1924)

The Unknown Grave.


Written for The Troy Times.

In many an unknown grave,

        Where dew-wet poppies weep,

The gallant men, who gave

        Their lives for freedom, sleep;

They kept at bay those furious Huns

And held our freedom with their guns!

They faced the teeth of death,

        They faced the jaws of hell,

While angels held their breath

        As our young heroes fell;

When, o'er the top that fearless band

Drove back the foe from "No-Man's-Land!"

How can their glory fade,

        Our mem'ry of them cease,

When such a price was paid

        For our triumphant peace?

Indebtedness will ever be

Our part of such a victory?

Then let us pay our vows,

        This Decoration Day;

Stop our internal rows

        And for each other pray;

While millions deck the unknown grave,

May Christ from sin our country save!

Troy Times. May 29, 1924: 6 col 3.

"How can their glory fade?" Ask the Mayors, Supervisors, Board of Regents, Governor, President who've let it happen - or helped it happen.

Wherever graves are paved o'er for an overpass

Where they're laid down so the mowers can mow the grass

        politicians shut the government down

        billionaires - the modern crown

        internal rows, they never cease

        everywhere - corrupt police

        Decoration: just for show

                Freedom'll cost you $lots$ of dough.

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