Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Epitaphs" by H.C. Dodge (1884)


Here doth a joking barber lie

        Who dyed to live, yet lived to die,

Again he’ll turn “from ‘grave’ to gay”

        If on the razor-rection day,

The angel Gabriel says he’s “next.”

        But, if St. Peter him rejects,

He’ll light the shavings for Old Nick,

        And scrape acquaintance with him quick.

Here lies a tailor with his thread

        Of life cut short. Now that he’s dead

He’ll mend his ways so in the sky

        He and his goose can both hang high.

This is the last of the first shoemaker

        Who pegged out booting his undertaker,

He left his wife and children small,

        His stockin’ trade, and that was awl,

For saving soles he was well known;

        So we may hope he saved his own.

Buffalo Evening News. February 15, 1884: 3 col 1.

Sterling Standard [IL]. May 15, 1884: 6 col 6.

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