Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Lincoln" by Rev. T. L. Drury (1915)



Lincoln, who from the common swain

Rose up among the men of might,

Thy spirit pure and wisdom plain

Did not exert their power in vain

For what thou deemed as truth and right.

Nor common people have forgot

Thy love and sacrifice so great,

Thy sentiment that wonders wrought

In shaping purpose and the thought

That still are strength of home and state.

And e'en our youth doth honor give

Thy name in school and marketplace,

And would thy noble spirit live,

And would thy virtues all receive,

And would thy loyalty embrace.

And proved we are that common clay,

All animate with living truth,

Could rise and to the nations say

Free government shall not decay

Nor perish from the earth, forsooth.

And so to keep the nation strong,

Her honor keep inviolate,

And not surrender to the wrong,

Although the battle may be long,

We need thy love serene and great.

Not from the house of princes grand

Come forth the saviors of the state,

They are the comm'ners of the land,

Whom all the people understand,

Because they are by nature great.

And still the people know the worth

Of one who is the nation's friend,

Who dares to stand and then go forth

To help the South as well as North,

And all their loyal virtues blend.

O Lincoln! let thy creed be ours,

Let us thy soul and heart possess,

And like the sweet perfume of flowers

In exercise of all our powers,

Hence may thy kindly spirit bless!

Troy Times. February 11, 1915.

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