Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"A Dirge for Wednesday, April 19, 1865" by Albert S. Pease (1865)



Toll! toll! the solemn bell!

And as the dirges swell

        On the sad air,

Let every voice be dumb.

Let every heart be still;

Let every bosom thrill

        Only with prayer.

Great God of Liberty!

Humbly we pray to Thee:

        Hear us to-day:

Save Thou our native land.

Save by Thy mighty power.

Cheer us. In this dark hour,

        Turn not away.

Drape every heart in grief,

Sad that our Nation's chief,

        Loved and revered,

Dead from the Capitol,

Goes to his silent rest,

By all the people blest,

        Solemnly bier'd.

Muffle the rousing drum;

Stifle the busy hum

        Of daily strife.

Keep down the bitter thought.

Out of this fearful grief

(God give our hopes relief,)

        Get we new life.

High let our eagle soar;

Loud let the cannon roar,

        No more to cease.

Shrill blow the bugle blast.

Plain in the air are heard,

By every leaf that's stirred,

        Whispers of peace.

Great God of Liberty!

God of Prosperity!

        Hear us, we pray:

Spare us our life and laws.

Empty all hearts of hate;

All of War's ills abate.

        Bless us to-day.

                                Troy Daily Press.

A Tribute of Respect by the Citizens of Troy to the Memory of Abraham Lincoln. Troy, NY: Young & Benson, 1865. 175-176.

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