Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"A Dirge on the Death of Abraham Lincoln" by Josiah L. Young (1865)



Rest, thy noble work is done:

Sleep among the hallowed dead:

Golden buds encrown thy head,


Distant far from mortal rage,

From the envy of thy power,

Perfect triumph is thy dower,


No more sorrow, no more pain,

Sleepless nights nor days of toil:

Safe, above the rude turmoil,


Costly tears are shed for thee,

Envy dareth not to rave,

Millions bend above thy grave,


Weep, oh sobbing nation, weep!

Hallowed sunshine guards his rest,

Cradled in the golden West,


He is thine, thy chosen son,

Naught can rob thee of his fame,

Naught can dim his deathless name,


Down the ages it will glow

Mid the shining stars of time,

Paling those of every clime,


None, through all the peopled past,

Has been loved like thee, save one,

He, the blessed Virgin's son,

                                Sacred evermore.

No such sepulchre as thine,

Greener for a Nation's tears,

Green throughout a thousand years,

To the outmost flank of time.

Sleep, impassive silence reign!

No assassin can invade

Where thy precious dust is laid,


Bloom, oh prairie, verdure sweet!

All your rare redundance spread,

Sprinkling perfume o'er his head,


                                        Troy Daily Whig, May 2d.

A Tribute of Respect by the Citizens of Troy to the Memory of Abraham Lincoln. Troy, NY: Young & Benson, 1865. 258-260.

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