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"Washington and Lincoln in Paradise" by Rev. Joseph C. Booth (1920)

Washington and Lincoln in Paradise.

(An Impressive Dream.)


I dreamed I was in Paradise and there,

While breathing deep its spirit-bracing air,

Entranced I stood with sights my eyes beheld;

But, dazzled by the crystal light, compelled

Was I to veil, as Moses, when he saw

Jehovah's Face, when he received the Law!

The saints, in light, emblazoned flags unfurled,

Mirrored by jasper walls and gates impearled,

While musing o'er the streets of burnished gold

I met the great celebrities of old:

First, Abraham, with Moses, strode along;

Now, David, with Isaiah, led a throng

Of poets and musicians to a mount

Called "Ecstasy;" there at the living fount

Of Joy, celestial nectar drank and then,

In strains supernal, praised the Great Amen!

I met the martyr—saints, who sealed with blood

Their faith in God—Paul and his brotherhood.

Jehovah beckoned and to Him I flew,

And sitting by His side, as in review,

I saw vast multitudes of angels pass

And folks of every nation, clime and class;

Like tidal-waves the armies swept along,

Encrowned with victory and cheered with song!

For miles, in wide-extending vision, I

Beheld such scenic grandeur, to descry

Would tax a Shakespeare, plus Miltonic mind—

With Homer, Virgil, Dante all combined!

Two studious men attracted me the most,

Who drew the attention of the heavenly host;

Slowly they came, locked in each other's arm,

With solemn visage, yet supremely calm.

I called John Wesley, being a Methodist,

And read some names I had upon my list;

Then, pointing to the stately twain, I said:

Who are those men that walk with thoughtful tread?

Surprised was John, at my blank ignorance,

So clearly seen in his reproving glance;

Then, looking at them, with a gladsome ken,

Said he "They are your famous countrymen:

The right—brave Washington, forever true;

The left—great Lincoln, whom Booth madly slew!"

The name of Booth awoke me from my dream,

As I resolved I would that name redeem!

Reflecting on my dream, with lawful pride,

I still behold those leaders, side by side:

Lincoln, who saved us, when by factions rent,

And Washington—our Father-President!

Inseparable, forever, let them stand—

The "Father" and the "Savior" of our land!

Troy Times. February 12, 1920: 6 col 1.

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