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"While Bethlehem Slept" by Frances V. Hubbard (1918)

While Bethlehem Slept.


The city slept, some saw the star

        That led the Wise Men on their way,

Nor yet the wondrous light that shone

        On Bethlehem's plain, more bright than day.

None heard the angel's voice that spoke—

        Not one in Bethlehem's ancient town—

Nor saw the white-robed shining host

        From heaven to earth come floating down.

Yet, none the less, the star, the voice,

        Were there, upon that Christmas morn,

And clear rang thro' the chilly air

        The song, "The Prince of Peace is born."

To-day we hear no voice, no star

        Shines thro' the gloom, we hear no song,

The tumult and the strife of war

        Call me to arms in deadly throng.

Yet, as of old, beyond our sight,

        Perchance more near than we can dream,

The Star, that star, is shining bright

        And o'er the earth in peace may beam.

Again, thrilling the world with joy,

        The angel song may ring some morn,

With meaning glad for all mankind,

        "Rejoice forever! Peace is born!"

Troy Times. January 9, 1918: 15 col 1.

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