Thursday, December 25, 2014

"On the Nativity of Christ" (1815) [1734]


What sounds harmonious strike the ears!

See! darkness flies, the light appears,

The sun a purer beam displays,

And shines with more distinguish'd rays.

Ev'n nature's self with cheerful grace,

In triumph shews her radiant face.

Odours diffuse, ye spicy beds;

Cedars, bow down your awful heads.

Soft streams, your joys in murmurs tell;

And boisterous waves, exulting swell.

Messiah comes ——in homage now,

Let universal nature bow.

Glory to God, who reigns above,

Fountain of universal love.

Good-will to men that dwell below,                ⎫

Let peace on earth eternal flow;                    ⎬

Thus heavenly breasta in friendship glow.        ⎭

Let men redeem'd their joys resound,

And angels pleas'd return the sound

Since wildly through th' abandon'd skies,

Th' arch rebel in confusion flies,

And a new heaven and earth take place,

Which Adam's sons restor'd shall grace.

Northern Budget December 26, 1815: 4 col 1.

The poem isn't original to Troy, and is much older than 1815 - apparently tastes had remained fairly stable?

The London Magazine December 1734. 660-661.

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