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"The God-Led Magi" by Rev. Joseph C. Booth (1925)

The God-Led Magi.


The God-led Magi came from far,

Attracted by the signal star,

        That woke the slumbering earth;

When Christ, the Son of God, was born,

On that auspicious Christmas morn,

        When Angels sang His birth!

Now, when they reached Jerusalem

King Herod was alarmed by them

        And troubled in his mind;

Directing them to march with vim,

To bring the tiding back to him,

        If they the Child should find.

Behold! the star is shining still

And hovering over Bethlehem's hill,

        Whose light their spirits stir;

There, there they find the Promised King.

To Him their grateful offerings bring:

        Gold, frankincense and myrrh!

Being warned of God, the Scriptures say:

The Wise Men went another way,

        Back to their native clime;

Ignoring Herod's vain command,

Because they found, as God had planned,

        The King of Kings sublime!

        Branden, Vt.

Troy Times. December 26, 1925: 16 col 6.

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