Saturday, July 9, 2016

Moore & Nims Cartes de Viste Albums (1862)


        We have been, almost daily, adding to our stock of Cartes de Viste Albums, until we are now able to show the most complete assortment, selected from the best Stock of the best Manufacturers and Importers of New York and Philadelphia. Our stock comprises over sixty kinds varying in price from 40 cents to 12 dollars, holding from 8 to 100 pictures. The Binders are vieing with each other in the beauty of the designs, and sumptuousness of the binding, and are now furnishing the most beautiful Albums at much reduced prices.

                                When the father's head is hoary,

                                    And the mother's heart is cold,

                                And their lives' benignant story

                                     Is a Tale too surely told.

                                Then the aid of Art we borrow;

                                     Here each honored face appears.

                                Blessing every dim to-morrow

                                     As it blest our early years.

        Gentlemen and Ladies desirous of preserving their collection of Cartes de Viste Pictures, are invited to examine our assortment of Albums.

        my27                                MOORE & NIMS.

Troy Daily Whig. July 1, 1862: 3 col 5.

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