Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hall's Rensselaer Dye Works (1866)


                Ladies attend, and up to Hall's

                Now quickly send your Brocha Shawls,

                For he will pledge to clean them right,

                And will restore their colors bright.

                Your Crepe Shawls he will also do,

                And make them look as good as new;

                Carpets and spreads will clean for you,

                And warrant satisfaction, too.

                Hall's Rensselaer Dye Works, 403 River st.

Troy Daily Times. July 25, 1866: 3 col 2.

The oldest of the three dye-houses in the city, that of Mrs. S. W. Hall, at No. 403 River Street, was founded by Aaron Hall, in 1827.

Weise, Arthur James. Troy's One Hundred Years, 1789-1889. Troy, NY: William H Young, 1891. 416.

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