Monday, June 2, 2014

"Nature in the Month of June" by Rev. T. L. Drury (1917)

Nature in the Month of June.


Out where nature is so smiling,

        Oh, there, I love to be;

There her ways are so beguiling,

        And comforting to me.

So in this lovely month of June,

        When nature fairest seems,

I love to watch the summer moon

        Reflect its silver beams.

The scenes are all so pleasure giving

        In virgin fields of green,

They teach that life is worth our living

        Where nature is serene.

Who would not love to stroll these days

        With nature to commune,

For beautiful are all her ways

        Now in the month of June.

To me she is an open book,

        Whose thoughts uplifting are;

Each flowery field and silver brook

        Speak forth her glories far.

Hence God and life and nature seem

        To here in splendor shine;

It all may be to me a dream

        But then it's so divine.

So in the spirit do I sing,

        And nature gives the tune,

For heaven blesses ev'rything

        Here in the month of June!

And, oh, were men but closer drawn

        To nature's living way,

There then would be a glad new morn,

        And love would rule the day.

Troy Times. June 6, 1917

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