Wednesday, June 11, 2014

More, Strange and Wright (1797)

        At a tavern one night,

        Messrs. More, Strange and Wright,

Met to drink, and good thoughts to exchange;

        Says More, "Of us three,

        The whole town will agree,

There is only one knave, & that's Strange."

        "Yes," says Strange (rather sore)

        "I am sure there's one More,

A most terrible knave and a bite,

        Who cheated his mother,

        His sister and brother."—

"O yes," replied More, "that is Wright."

American Spy [Troy, NY]. April 18, 1797: 2 col 2.

The above doesn't seem to be the earliest newspaper appearance of the poem, but it might be among the earliest. Some prior appearances include the City Gazette [Charleston, SC] of February 19, 1796 and the Weekly Oracle [New London, CT] of March 25, 1797. A still earlier one is in The Sporting Magazine of December 1795 on page 166, there titled "The Punsters: A Little Tale."

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