Monday, April 7, 2014

"Peace" by F. H. Hall (1885)


Men strive for gain, tho' nations rise and fall,

Heroes amain fo forth at country's call.

Fierce war doth rage, and passion rife

Rolls madly on in restless, eager strife.

When all is o'er, and vict'ry crowns the strong,

Burst forth the voices of the brave in song.

A leader bold doth say, "Let peace now reign,

Let tumult cease upon the land and main."

Then cometh peace, tho' only in a name;

For men by passion swayed still seek for fame.

In grief fall tears upon the soldier's grave;

Then honor we the living warriors brave.

In peace or war, men always strive for gain,

Nor feel one pang of grief for heroes slain.

Yet cometh peace, so say they all, and run

To gather spoils that victory hath won.

Our heroes soon forgot, tho' living still,

What care these men when gold their coffers fill!

Ah! vain, delusive dream! to think that peace can stay,

When men with greed for gain drive it away!

Throughout our land there came a joyful sound

When "silent warrior" said, "Let peace abound!"

But did peace come to hero old—and stay—

To sweeten life along time's rough pathway?

A nation! grief! A warrior gone! A mound!

Only through dark valley can peace be found.

        TROY, N.Y., May 30, 1885.

Troy Daily Times May 30, 1885: 1 col 2.

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